TEKlib 3 (development)

Note: TEKlib is undergoing some structural changes, which ultimately lead to a new stable major version. In a first step, the build system was streamlined and the repository was getting pruned of unmaintained code. All recent development is based on this branch.

Getting started

The development model is based on the distributed Mercurial version control system.

Creating an 'incoming' repository:

% mkdir teklib
% cd teklib
% hg clone http://hg.neoscientists.org/teklib dev-incoming

Creating a 'development' branch:

% hg clone dev-incoming dev

Once you consider your work to be worthy of inclusion to the main development branch, designate a place from where your branch can be pulled. (You will probably want to create another clone for your outgoing changes.) Finally, make yourself heard by dropping us a mail (see Contact section).

Browse repository online

The repository can be browsed online here: http://hg.neoscientists.org/teklib

See also: Contact, Documentation, Stable

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