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2009-02-18 A new documentation system (from the tekUI project) is coming up. Interface description files now contain the documentation, which is rendered to HTML with a new tool, gendoc. Also, new conversion modes for the header generator tool were added, linklib and iface. Accordingly, interface description files for the link libraries have been added, and a prototype interface can now be obtained from the Exec module using TQueryInterface().
2009-01-16 Windows platform support is starting to show up in the development branch again; for the time being, the only supported compiler is GCC via MinGW. The current setup in the repository is tuned for cross-compilation under Linux, but it can be adapted to work under Windows as well.
2008-09-08 The Playstation 2 port has been migrated to the development branch.
2008-06-02 tekUI, a new TEKlib-based side-project goes online:
2008-04-07 About section simplified and merged with the former architecture and feature sections. The documentation section is now about the development branch. The links section has been revisited and cleaned up.
2007-12-29 Now using hgwebdir for serving the repository; see changed URL in the development section.
2007-05-06 A new development branch called TEKlib3 has been set up. Commit messages are now directed to our public mailing list. See also Development and Contact.
2007-04-29 Massive website update, now using the LOona CMS, which is a spin-off of the former 'WebTEK' project.
2006-02-13 Webpage update: Added Pagesource link in the navigation menu to showcase the underlying Lua/TEKlib-based Web application system, 'WebTEK'. Tend to the Contact section if you're interested in this side-project.
2006-02-12 Lua 5.1rc4 integrated; new debugging scheme established
2005-12-18 Bugfix release 1.0.4 corrects C++ related build problems with Visual C++ 6 and a defective function declaration in the Lua API
2005-11-11 Bugfix release 1.0.2 corrects some minor problems in the Playstation 2, MorphOS and AmigaOS builds. History added.
2005-10-10 Web frontend for mailinglist subscription was broken. Should be working again.
2005-10-09 TEKlib 1.0, the first public release, is now available in the download section.
2005-10-08 Releases have been added in the download section, and an application writing guide has been added to the documentation.
2005-09-18 A Playstation 2 module has been added to the source tree. It provides hardware-assisted facilities such as debugging, DMA chains, texture allocation, graphics primitives, and much more. Future improvements like a full implementation of the visual module will rest on this foundation.
2005-09-11 All remaining uses for the dstring module, namely in the tmkmf tool, have been replaced with the unistring module. Dstring is now obsolete. Several module APIs have been extended with a reservation mechanism for module function vectors, thus rendering their APIs binary incompatible. You must recompile your applications after an upgrade.
2005-09-07 64bit support for the examination of filesystem objects has been implemented in the default filesystem handlers for POSIX and Win32.
2005-07-30 The tglattack demo has been ported to the displayhandler module, and the gldisplay module is now obsolete.
2005-07-07 The mailinglist archives are now open. Follow the link in the Contact section.
2005-07-06 Major website update. The new website is being served by a TEKlib application running a Lua script. (Details on this project may follow soon.) Massive improvements in the About and Architecture section, Major cleanup in the Status section.
2005-06-29 Lua is now part of the main tree and no longer an external module project. Lots of documenation have been added and are now being transferred into the new documentation system. See the Documentation section for details.
2005-06-19 Documentation writing tutorial added. Major improvements to the documentation system coming up. Interface definition files (IDF) and header generator added.
2005-03-17 TEKlib has been ported to the Playstation2. See here for detailed build instructions.
2004-10-31 Sadly our MacOS X programmer and port maintainer left the TEKlib project due to personal reasons and we are now in the need for new developer for the MacOS X platform. At this time we can provide only basic support for the current version.
2004-04-19 64bit support for TEKlib's core modules has now been tested and approved.
2004-02-15 Unicode support is coming up.
2004-01-03 Website update
2003-12-11 After 1.5 years, a new major release tag. The new sourcetree is labelled Krypton. The interfaces of the Exec, HAL, Util and Time modules have hit major version 1. See the Status section for more information.
2003-10-29 New in the CVS repository: A modular 'display' driver architecture for maintaining screens, windows and hardware-accelerated displays is currently being developed and available in early stages for Windows and Linux.
2003-10-29 Protracker audio datatype added
2003-10-29 The Documentation section has been improved. While still not a complete solution, we are slowly getting somewhere, and docs are better accessible than before.
2003-10-29 We are currently setting up mailing lists. If you are interested in joining them before we announce things publicly, see the Contact section for details.
2003-10-13 Added support for mingw - a stand-alone gcc for the Windows platform. See for details.
2003-10-09 An audio architecture is evolving. A first implementation for OSS is available in mods/audio. For now you must enter that directory and build the audio driver manually. More platforms will follow soon. A simple audio-aware commandline mediaplayer was added. A new 'datatypes' module was added to the CVS repository and populated with an OGG/Vorbis loader. The 'tglattack' demo plays a small synthetic tune using Teletobi's 'Micro Sound System' (MSS) if an audio device can be found during startup :)
2003-09-25 Slightly updated About and tasks section.
2003-09-19 The build system has been greatly enhanced. Dependencies are tracked much more thoroughly. A cross-platform makefile has been introduced at the top-level directory of each project. The build procedure is less confusing and much more self-explanatory than before, and the chicken-egg-condition has been eliminated that occured when TEKlib was ported to a new platform. Type "make help" at the top-level directory and read the updated INSTALL guide for details.
2003-08-09 A new version of the Lua embeddable script language is currently under development and now available via CVS. It integrates seamlessly as a TEKlib module. A standalone interpreter is provided as well as an example for language extensions from within TEKlib applications. We plan to make Lua an integral part of this project.
2003-07-11 The MacOS project builder files have been removed from the download section. Maintenance is more easily provided throughout tmkmakefiles.
2003-03-28 Public CVS access added. See the download section for details.
2003-03-02 Improvements are showing up in the graphics section. The gfxconvert module has been greatly revised and enhanced, and more datatypes are being implemented, like PNG. Default filesystem handlers for the new I/O architecture have been implemented for all platforms. In other words, we have a virtual filesystem up and running and ready for unlimited modular extension.
2003-02-25 Minor updates in the Links section.
2003-02-18 More cleanup. Added screenshots.
2003-02-16 Darwin/MacOSX is now supported.
2003-02-10 tglattack demo added to the download section.
2003-02-03 Added an architectural overview to the documents section.
2003-02-02 Use cases added to the about page.
2003-01-31 Ports and modules sections merged to Status. Tmkmf added to documentation. Minor polishment.
2003-01-28 Ports section added
2003-01-26 Mission statement, links, color stylesheets, module section added
2003-01-20 A new I/O architecture and virtual filesystem has been designed and implemented from scratch. It very much resembles to the AmigaOS/Tripos design.
2002-12-08 website update
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